Minimalist Bright Office Lobby Design

Minimalist Bright Office Lobby DesignWhat design of the office lobby should be like? There is no single answer to this question. All depends on company. If office is the small one then lobby may not be needed. But if we talk about big company in large building then we can use whole floor for ideas about lobby design. In most situations minimalist bright office lobby design will be perfect solution.

Lobby must be bright because visitors don’t want to squint. In most cases there is a high ceiling in lobby room so it is not very easy to make all bright. We can use big chandelier but it’s not enough. Also desk lamps and sconce lamps can help. Even if this is not enough then you might be interested in bright design ideas for the lobby. Secret is simple: use reflective surfaces. Color of the furniture should not absorb light. If you follow all recommendations then lobby will be bright.

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